Friday, November 9, 2012

You'll Never Walk Alone

Well finally leave some footsteps in the legendary town of England, Liverpool. The Birthplace of The Beatles, Some footsteps of Albert Einstein, Some Passengers and history of Titanic, and even the Empress.

A richful Historical place named Liverpool which only takes approximately 2 hours from Leeds. A direct train and you will be stepping out in Lime Street in no time.

The St. John is kinda eye catching when you step out of the Train station with a design which is the ones I had saw in Poland for the Euro2012 Fanzone. Fantastically designed with the same purple colour with a radio station which looks like a mini KL tower at the back and also looks like UFO in the night.

Take some time and head towards the city centre and your thinking of Liverpool being a poorly backward city will be totally erased from your head immediately. Shops are loads and spacious with great labels around with splendid design everywhere.

After doing some shopping you can ease your hunger by heading towards the China Town or the Albert Dock.

China Town is built as there are 2.1% chinese population in Liverpool which takes up a major amount. The Gate of China Town are so huge that it totally owns Manchester's Chinatown's Gate. Well cant compete with the size as the China Town in Liverpool is just very small but there are still Chinese Restaurant nearby and there is one to be recommended. New China. It have a great variety of Dim Sum and as soon as it opens, people starts going in and fills up the place in no time.

Head over to Albert Dock and on your way you will saw John Lewis Building and the design of the buildings are tremendous. Some of them are design specifically to adapt Albert Dock by doing the designs as a boat or ship. Fascinating.

At Albert Dock, make sure you enters the Merseyside Maritime Museum and have a glance at the Custom, Taxes, Histories, and even history where Albert Einstein Step Foot onto Liverpool, Titanic, Empress of England Ship being blasted by Germans, and loads of history.

The Beatles Story is totally a great attraction as i assume as there is a long que outside which I gave up as the rain started to fall. Impressively the Albert Dock are designed and developed with great views and there is an eye of Liverpool right infront of beatles story.

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