Friday, November 9, 2012

You'll Never Walk Alone

Well finally leave some footsteps in the legendary town of England, Liverpool. The Birthplace of The Beatles, Some footsteps of Albert Einstein, Some Passengers and history of Titanic, and even the Empress.

A richful Historical place named Liverpool which only takes approximately 2 hours from Leeds. A direct train and you will be stepping out in Lime Street in no time.

The St. John is kinda eye catching when you step out of the Train station with a design which is the ones I had saw in Poland for the Euro2012 Fanzone. Fantastically designed with the same purple colour with a radio station which looks like a mini KL tower at the back and also looks like UFO in the night.

Take some time and head towards the city centre and your thinking of Liverpool being a poorly backward city will be totally erased from your head immediately. Shops are loads and spacious with great labels around with splendid design everywhere.

After doing some shopping you can ease your hunger by heading towards the China Town or the Albert Dock.

China Town is built as there are 2.1% chinese population in Liverpool which takes up a major amount. The Gate of China Town are so huge that it totally owns Manchester's Chinatown's Gate. Well cant compete with the size as the China Town in Liverpool is just very small but there are still Chinese Restaurant nearby and there is one to be recommended. New China. It have a great variety of Dim Sum and as soon as it opens, people starts going in and fills up the place in no time.

Head over to Albert Dock and on your way you will saw John Lewis Building and the design of the buildings are tremendous. Some of them are design specifically to adapt Albert Dock by doing the designs as a boat or ship. Fascinating.

At Albert Dock, make sure you enters the Merseyside Maritime Museum and have a glance at the Custom, Taxes, Histories, and even history where Albert Einstein Step Foot onto Liverpool, Titanic, Empress of England Ship being blasted by Germans, and loads of history.

The Beatles Story is totally a great attraction as i assume as there is a long que outside which I gave up as the rain started to fall. Impressively the Albert Dock are designed and developed with great views and there is an eye of Liverpool right infront of beatles story.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Nuclear Power? Nuclear Waste?

What's your opinion about Nuclear?

well from what I had studied so far, I actually don't even understand fully how it works. From what most text explains, its where fission reaction occurs where an atom is separate into two atoms and  creating heat in this process.

Well at this time, the heat will be used to generate electricity. However there are fuel used in it and there are three basic category of the nuclear waste. The Low Level Nuclear Waste, Intermediate Level Waste, High Level Waste. There are fuel included in the process of generating power in nuclear powerplants. The wastes that are used will be highly intoxicated with radioactive and this radioactive fuel are called Spent Fuel.

Malaysia is starting to implement disposal of nuclear waste or generating radioactivity substances which nobody actually know what they wanted to do.

The question is, WHERE WILL THE WASTE BE DUMP? is it an surface facility? Geological disposal facility? an underground facility? or just dump into a big pit?

Well there is no answer to any question from the public. There is only one thing in their mind. Get it done and get the money and profit. What about the safety of the public? what about the right of the public to know whats they are facing? What are the benefit of publics having radioactivity in their backyard?

In UK, Switzerland, Japan, and loads of places in the Europe are proposing or already starting constructing nuclear waste disposal pits and this had been done by long procedures and even consideration with the public and also professional analysis and researches before their construction starts. Public response are taken in consideration and safety issues are taken into consideration deeply before bringing in any decision.

Question is. Why there is no a vivid answer and any consideration of the public response, any public education before any decision are made?

Government... Stop digging your own grave and bringing more troubles into the country.

Friday, June 29, 2012

The British Way

Its been two years since i came into this enormous country, England.
It is full of fantastic architectural building which are kept since long time ago and well still standing and functional. There are quite a lot of similarities in each county of this big country where the places seems to be looks alike with buildings and castles and fortress walls. Well there is one significant difference is that every county have their own attraction. For example in London its the london eye, big ben, tower bridge etc. well in manchester its their stadium, Old Trafford seducing a lot of tourist and the china town with fantastic food.
Well i am staying in leeds studying in The University of Leeds. Quite a great school with great lecturers and Awesome people around. Though its kinda hard to mingle with the europeans but as long as u try they are willing to socialise with you. As well known they are kind and friendly. Gentlemen are termed for the brits as when you are here you will be listening to these phrases very frequently "Please, Thank you Love, Darling, Dear, Have a wonderful day, Cheers, Lovely, Fantastic..."

Well try immerse in their life and get out look at the way of their living. There are some evil people too in this gentlemen country where they will be honking at you saying bad words at you and sometimes being racist.. well its kinda rare but it does happens.

So tip number 1. avoid going out alone
Tip number 2, Search the webs for offers and discounts
Tip number 3 always plan your way and then you can have much fun with the time constraint
Tip number 4 always pack and get ready for any weather as rain is kinda normal with wind in the UK
Tip number 5 ALways Remember to get a cup of coffee or tea like the Brits in the afternoon

SEe ya Fellas

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bad.... Lucks

Recently luck is not by my side where everything is going terribly out of the way...
Well.... went to kuala lumpur bangi for my cousin's wedding... reached there quite late therefore manage to only attend the church ceremony... well... love the meaning of wedding explained by the christians.
Well been lethargic when driving around for almost the whole day around at the second day to sekinchan and the next day back to kuantan..
Back at kuantan .. been busy as aunts and uncles invaded my house ... almost 4 family are here holy crap... don even have a bed for me... wush...
slept at dato's house for one night second night on the sofa third night on a mattress as am too tired to bear with anything anymore.. even went to cherating with them at the third day although not much sleep have been done..

well during this few days.. not much happens... went to paintball to release some emotional swings.. get some blue blacks on the body on each of everyone who participated.. we felt quite pain thou till now... and went fishing with some of my friends.. well.. slipped and fell on a rock with full of corals and hermit crabs stucking on it therefore cuts on my feet and hand and also on my ass as i fell... terribly pain...

gosh... went to find places to eat with dato as we dont even manage to get a good food from the maids.. kinda bad luck and epic as 4 restaurants we went are closed! god damn sake...

lets see when will this ends...

when will u stop ignoring me?
its suffering

Friday, September 2, 2011


31st of August.. another day where we celebrate not Merdeka... ever since we did the performance for merdeka celebration at our age of 16 me and my friends stop celebrating independence day but changed to celebrates the birthday of the duo.... Chowevil and Pikachu...
Well grats to them as always their birthday are celebrated by the whole nation of Malaysia...
too bad for this year... Due to the New year celebration of the Islam and Muslims... our Prime Minister changed to september 16th which are a new holiday for malaysians as it is stated as malaysia day which i think is quite .... speechless to say....
No parade for this year at 31st of august... EPIC... ONLY IN MALAYSiA *TROLLLLL*

These few days being up and down going out and in day and night ... crazily driving like there is no more tomorrow really kills me up to the max...
WELL finally sickness enters my body and give me a welcome sign at the 31st of august night.. hell ya... celebrating my Brodas birthday with lethargic and stuffy nose ... kinda suffering yet happy to see them enjoying...

Well to Kuantan people and Pahang people... we explored around gambang waterpark and found an active adventure club which have paint balls, sky trails, jungle trekking, ATV bla bla bla... quite reasonable price and there is a water fall at hutan lipur berkelah... well If you wanted to go to the waterfall, u should be ready to jungle trek for 20 minutes after sitting a bumpy ride for 10 mins... good luck ^^

Happy birthday, Selamat hari raya, and HAPPY MERDEKA everyone

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The special one

We knew each other out of sudden...
I fell in love with you Out of sudden....
You shares your stuff with me Out of sudden..
We laugh at each others out of sudden..
We fall in love with each others out of sudden..
You went missing out of sudden...
I went worrying out of sudden...
I destroyed my life out of sudden...
You came back out of sudden....
You disappointed in my out of sudden..
You hated me Out of sudden...
I waited you days and days out of sudden..
You coldly treated me out of sudden..
I chose to silently seeing you out of sudden..
I cried day and night out of sudden..
You ignored me Out of sudden..
You accepted another guy Out of sudden..
I heartbroken silently Out of sudden..
You hated me ALL of sudden..
I Hated myself ALL THE WHILE..

I really wish time can just rewind...
where we still smile and laugh.. love and care.. seeing the same sun and moon but in different location but still feeling each other are just by each other's side..
Responsibility keeps on increasing .. Things that cant be told are increasing in My heart..
I Misses you... but I cant tell you..
I Loves you... but I dont deserves...
I cried... But I had to wipe the tears and act like nothing happened...

Special one... you are very special to me